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    the intensity of musical fellowship


Hijaz is a multi-ethnic group based around the dialogue between the oud/qanun and the piano. Hijaz is an Arabic musical scale but also holds a clear reference to jazz. Where Arabic music is the starting point, jazz is the open attitude towards diverse musical cultures. Hijaz is a close quartet exploring differences and similarities in Mediterranean cultures in order to create harmony, warmth and musical beauty. More than 10 years already, Hijaz is searching for the perfect symbioses between Mediterranean warmth, polyrhythmic structures and musical virtuosity. In a tight formation of four core musicians, Hijaz captures the magic of the moment during their concerts. Recently, in the Spring of 2021, Hijaz aligned with a cello and two violins for 8 new songs by Hijaz and arranged for strings by bass player Ben Faes. Above all, the fellowship of these four friends & musicians gives a way to the heart of audiences all around the globe.



  • Osama Abdulrasol (Iraq) Oud

    Osama Abdulrasol is a composer, producer, qanunplayer and visual Artist. He was born in Babylon (Iraq) and he studied western music (classical guitar) in the UK and eastern music (qanun or Arabic lap harp) in Iraq. Belgian cultural prize winner 2013 - Gent He wrote music for several projects, for film, theatre, and also several songs. He arranged and produced music for and performed with different musicians from different backgrounds. Arabic, Jazz, experimental, Indian, Turkish bands and more. He performed and toured almost everywhere in the world with different groups like the symphonic orchestra of Antwerpen (de Filharmonie) and the Flemish Radio Orchestra, both conducted by Dirk Brossé, with Goran Bregovic, the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Lucilla Galeazzi, Claron McFadden, Roby Lakatos, Assala Nasri, Jahida Wehbe, Tom Robinson, BJ Scott, Wannes Van de Velde, Luc de Vos, Dick Van der Harst, Waed Bou Hassoun, Arifa, Olla Vogala, Melike, Oblomow, Izaline Callister, Djamel, Nahdha, Mesopotamia, Weshm, Lula Pena, Elftwelvtrio, Ghade Shbeir, Woestijn 93, Les ballets C de la B and several other groups and theatre productions.

  • Niko Deman (B-Gr) Piano

    Niko Deman showed enthusiasm for music from a small age. That’s why at the age of eight he got his first keyboard on which he started experimenting with the magic of sounds. At the age of 16 the Greek background of his mother motivated him to start playing the bouzouki on his own. Four years later a Greek traditional music group was born which practiced the genre rebetika. In 1997, his growing interest in jazz made him put all his energy in studying jazzpiano at the Jazzstudio of Antwerp. With his limitless goals, he began studying at the Academy of Music of Antwerp in 2000. He completed the years of candidature with Eric Vermeulen and the master program with Cristoph Erbstösser. Today Niko is a teacher of Jazz and Light Music at the Municipal Academies of Schoten.

  • Ben Faes (B) Bass

    Ben Faes is a bass player based in Antwerp, graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. From 1997 to 2001 he was selected for the European Union Youth Orchestra. He played under the direction of conductors such as Bernard Haitink, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, Paavo Järvi and Sir Colin Davis. As a classical bass player, Ben Faes worked together with the Spectra ensemble, Anima Eterna, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra … Ben is currently playing with the "De Groote-Faes duo" with which he has made two recordings "and Route" and "Symphony for 2 little boys - featuring Dave Douglas”. These records were well received by the international press. He also collaborated with Wannes Van De Velde, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Kommil Foo, Roland Van Campenhout and many other artists.

  • Chryster Aerts (B) Percussion

    Chryster studied drums at the Academy of Music of Antwerp, Jazz and Light Music department, with the teachers Chander Sardjoe, Stephane Galland and Jan de Haas. He enrolled in several teaching practices for drums and percussion in both his own country and foreign countries (Berklee Summerschool in Italy, African percussion in Senegal, etc.). Chryster draws his experience out of several jazz formations like DEEP, DEEP, Four Orbits, Rainbow Rhythms, Virus, Paola Marquez Quartet and his sextet C.A. Band. Nowadays he mostly puts his energy in the booty shakin' bigband Balaxy Orchestra, the pop group Assunta Mano and the Tunesian grooving Hijaz. He teaches drums and percussion classes at the Music Academies of Baarle-Hertog/Hoogstraten and Grimbergen and is the principal of the Junior Academy of Music of Sterrebeek. He also works as a freelance musician in schools and gives courses/workshops djembé (Villa Basta, Piazza dell’Arte, Oorsmeer,…). In May 2003, he received a laude of the Koning Boudewijnstichting for the project Ritmiekdag produced with his collegue-friend-drummer-percussionist Bart Van Aken. He also works as a freelance musician with the Dance Company Enclave of Roberto Olivan (De Farra, Helsinki 2005), Jerboa, the percussiongroup Mzungi and others…


enjoy our albums ...

  • arabic jazz - the rough guide (2015)

  • nahadin (2015)

  • chemsi (2010)

  • dunes (2008)

upcoming concerts

history highlights

Preveza Jazz Festival (greece) ::: Athens Jazz Festival Technopolis (Greece) ::: EFG London Jazz Festival @ Rich Mix (London) ::: Visa For Music ( Marocco) ::: U-jazz @ Rasa (Utrecht) ::: Porgy & Bess Terneuzen (NL) ::: Theatre Ibn Khaldoun (Algers) ::: Studio de L'Ermitage (Paris) ::: Al Mawred El Thaqafy (Cairo) ::: Hnita Jazz Club (Heist-Op-Den-Berg) ::: Abbaye Neumumster (Luxembourg) ::: Moods (Zurich) ::: Gaume Jazz (BE) ::: Bimhuis Amsterdam (NL) ::: Institute du Monde Arabe (Paris) ::: Union Chapel (London) ::: Dima Jazz Constantine (Algeria) ::: Vrijstraat O Oostende (BE) ::: Semaine de la Musique Instrumentale (Tunis) ::: Salle Centrale / A.P.C.A.A. Genève (CH) ::: Flemish Jazz Meeting (BE) ::: Festival d'Art (Huy) ::: Youth Festival Pirdop (Bulgaria) ::: Brosella Brussel (BE)

Hamsessions (Gent) ::: Preveza jazzfestival (Greece) ::: Technopolis jazz festival (Greece)

Muziekpublique, Brussels (release Nahadin) ::: CC Luchtbal, Antwerpen ::: De Werf, Brugge ::: Ripspique, Lier ::: Bruggenhuis, Geraardsbergen ::: EFG London Jazz Festival @ Rich Mix, London (UK) ::: Visa For Music, Rabat (Marocco) ::: CC Wetteren ::: De Grote Post, Ostend ::: The Black Cat, Torhout ::: De Centrale, Gent ::: Ferme du Biereau, Louvain-la-Neuve ::: U-Jazz @ Rasa, Utrecht (NL)

Porgy & Bess, Terneuzen (NL) ::: Theatre Ibn Khaldoun, Alger (ALG) ::: 't Ey, Belsele ::: Damberd, Gent ::: A Jazz Night, Gent ::: Pingouin, Eeklo ::: La Tentation, Brussels ::: Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris (FR) ::: Den Hopsack, Antwerp ::: Trefpunt, Gent ::: Buster, Antwerp ::: Arscene, Hansbeke ::: Art Base, Brussel ::: Eupen Musik Marathon ::: Shubbak Festival, Rich Mix, London (GB) ::: Sam3na Competition in Al Mawred Al Thaqafy in Cairo, (Egypt) ::: Moussem Sounds in Bozar

Hnita Jazz Club, Heist-Op-Den-Berg ::: Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye Neumümster (LUX) ::: Espace Magh, Brussels ::: Rataplan, Antwerp ::: Moods, Zurich (CH) ::: Festival Acoustic Mortsel ::: Gaume Jazz Atlas Festival, Bimhuis Amsterdam (NL) ::: CC Leopoldsburg ::: Un Mardi Idéal, France Musique, Paris (FR) ::: Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris (FR) ::: Jazzzolder Festival, Mechelen

Bimhuis / Vrije Geluiden VPRO, NL1 ::: Vrije Geluiden VPRO, NL1 ::: Muziekpublique, Brussel (release Chemsi) ::: De Werf, Brugge ::: De Centrale, Gent ::: Union Chapel, London (org. Arts Canteen) (UK) ::: Le Monde est un Village (RTBF) ::: Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen ::: Fete De La Musique, Molenbeek ::: Dima Jazz, Constantine (ALG) ::: Jazz au Broukay, Moulin du Broukay d'Eben-Emael ::: CC Knokke-Heist ::: Vrijstaat O, Oostende ::: CC Strombeek, Grimbergen ::: Jazzstation, 1210 Brussels

Semaine de Musique Instrumentale, Tunis (Tunisia) ::: Pianofabriek, Brussel ::: JazzLab Series ::: CC Strombeek, Grimbergen ::: CC Casino, Koksijde ::: El Negocito, Gent ::: CC Genk ::: De Werf, Brugge ::: Rataplan, Borgerhout ::: CC Brasschaat ::: De Kortrijkse Schouwburg, Kortrijk ::: Foyer De Spiegel, Sint Niklaas ::: CC De Meent, Alsemberg ::: CC 't Getouw, Mol ::: CC Lier ::: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (NL) ::: Brosella, Brussel ::: CC De Kern, Antwerpen ::: CC Heule ::: Candelaershuys, Ukkel (org. Daarkom)

Salle Centrale / org. A.P.C.A.A. Genève (CH) ::: Moussem - CC Berchem, Antwerpen ::: Jazz in het Park, Gent ::: Flemish Jazz Meeting / De Werf, Brugge ::: Jazz Hoeilaart, Jezus-Eik ::: CC Nova 't Kiel, Antwerpen ::: GC de Maelbeek, Etterbeek

Muzikantenhuis, Gent ::: Uilekot, Herzele ::: Aperitiefconcert Academie, Sint-Niklaas ::: Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen (Release Dunes) ::: Hnita Jazz Club, Heist op den Berg ::: De Centrale, Gent ::: Mano Mundo, Antwerpen ::: Jazzora, Leuven ::: Festival d'Art, Huy ::: Jazzstation, Brussel

Villabasta, Houthalen ::: Doum-Doum festival, Jette ::: Youth Festival Pirdop, Bulgarije

Pingouin, Eeklo ::: Het Gouden Hoofd, Gent ::: F-Sharp, Brussel ::: Hazzzolder, Mechelen ::: De Centrale, Gent ::: Kerk Attenhoven, Kapellen ::: Mechelsplein Festival, Antwerpen

Buster, Antwerpen



  • DUNES - 2008 album

    CD : 20 euro

    ORDER: just send an email to info@hijaz.be and mention the name of the album + cd or vinyl + address. Prices are shipment included.

  • CHEMSI - 2010 album

    CD : 20 euro

    ORDER: just send an email to info@hijaz.be and mention the name of the album + cd or vinyl + address. Prices are shipment included.

  • NAHADIN - 2015 album

    CD : 20 euro

    ORDER: just send an email to info@hijaz.be and mention the name of the album + cd or vinyl + address. Prices are shipment included.

  • 10 YEARS HIJAZ - 2017 album

    VINYL ONLY : 25 euro

    ORDER: just send an email to info@hijaz.be and mention the name of the album + cd or vinyl + address. Prices are shipment included.

  • 10 YEARS LIVE RECORDING songbook

    BOOK : 20 euro

    ORDER: just send an email to info@hijaz.be and mention "songbook" + address. Price is shipment included.


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