10 Years – live recording (LP – 2017)

Fourth release by Hijaz, celebrating their 10 years of existence with a vinyl only album with live recordings of 4 existing tracks and 1 previously unreleased composition by Niko Deman. Recorded live at RTBF for Le Monde est un Village / La Premiere and in CoSta in Antwerp.

Nahadin (CD – 2016)

Third record by multi ethnic jazz combo Hijaz, further explorer the differences and similarities between oriental rhythms and scales and Western jazz. Featuring the voice of Abir Nasraoui and the percussion of Carlo Rizzo.

Chemsi (CD – 2011)

Second record by multi-ethnic jazz sextet Hijaz featuring Tcha Limberger, Edouard Prabhu and Houssem Ben El Khadi.

Dunes (CD – 2008)

First release by Hijaz, multicultural jazz quintet from Belgium, based around the dialogue between oud (played by Tunisian Moufadhel Adhoum) and piano (played by Greek-Belgian Niko Deman). Adding drums (Chryster Aerts), double bass (Chris Mentens) and oriental percussion (Azzedine Jazouli) and featuring the Armenian duduk (by Vardan Hovanissian), Hijaz explores differences and similarities between Mediterranean traditions and Western jazz. Vardan Hovanissian would later become a member of the group.

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